toddler belts, kids belts

Dapper Snappers are awesome kids belts, toddler belts, baby belts, and accessories in case you don't have belt loops. The kids belts have a bottle opener style buckle for the girls belts and a magnetic buckle for the boys belts. Baby and toddler belts don't have buckles to get in the way of potty training or diaper changing. Instead the toddler and baby belts just slip through the beltloops on the back of the pants. You don't need adjustable waistband pants after all! If you don't have belt loops, you can use the Dapper Snappers Add-on Clips. Also available; Mom's belts, pregnancy belts, and post-partum belts. Dapper Snappers have the children's accessories you need!

Along with our Kids Belts, we have Girls Belts, Boys Belts, Belts for Kids, Children’s Belts, Elastic Belts, Elastic Belts for Kids, and Kids Elastic Belt. Our Adult Belts or Belts for Adults can also be used as Special Needs Belts, Belts for Teens, Teens Belts.

So if you are looking for belts for toddlers or for preschoolers, adjustable belt, or belts that will go with your girls clothes or boys clothes, you will LOVE Dapper Snappers.